Yasmine Raees exudes charisma and passion in the lead role as a young woman who falls badly in love an yet won't let other dictate how she should be viewed -

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Starring Yasmin Raeis, Hany Adel, Salwa Kahttab, Salwa Mohamed Ali, in addition to a number of new talents, Factory Girl tells the story of Hiyam, a young factory worker, lives in a lower-middle-class neighborhood, along with her co-workers. She is clearly under the spell of Salah, the factory's new supervisor, who has expressed his admiration for her. She believes love can transcend the class differences between them. However, when a pregnancy test is discovered in the factory premises, her immediate family and close friends accuse her of sinning. Hiyam decides not to defend herself and pays an enormous price in a society that fails to accept independent women. Factory Girl examines the changes that take place in her life over the four seasons of the year. From falling in love to facing heartbreak, her life comes around full circle by the end of the year.


Directed by
Mohamed Khan (Full biography)

Written by
Wessam Soliman

Produced by
Mohamed Samir (Full biography)

Director of Photography
Mahmoud Lotfi

Dina Farouk

Sound Design
Rafaat Samir

Ahmed Gaber

Music Composer
George Kazazian

Production Design
Ahmed Abbas

Costume Design
Nayira Al-Dahshoury

Executive Producer
Ahmed Youssef

Jennifer Leigh Peterson

Wael Omar (Full biography)
Dina Farouk

Yasmin Raeis
Hany Adel
Salwa Khattab
Salwa Mohamed Ali
Ibtihal El Serety
Hanan Adel
Ibrahim Salah
Salma Dahab
Lana Mushtak
Magda Munir
Yussria Al-Maghribia
Noorhan Emad Edin
Rizk Ramadan
Menna Al-Lithi
Solafa Ghanim
Batul El-Haddad
Reham Dissouki
Raghda Said
Maha Abdallah
Mariam Mehallawi
Soad Al-Kadi
Waffa Al-Sharqawi
Gihad Mahdi
Noha Foad
Noha Haraz
Kholoud Issa
Susan Radwan
Fatma Hassan
Hannan Al-Fayoumi
Hebba Yussry
Mohamed Khalifa Ali
Samar Abdelwahab

Guest appearance
Khairy Beshara



Ocean Films Distributions Releases Factory Girl in French Cinemas

22 May, 2015

MAD Solutions has announced that Factory Girl will be released in French cinemas by the French distribution company, Ocean Films Distribution............

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Factory Girl in National Center for Cinema Tomorrow

18 May, 2015

Factory Girl will be screened for the professors and students of the High Cinema Institute on Tuesday, 19th of May at 6:00 pm at the Tharwat Okasha Cultural Center............

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Factory Girl Rolls in Cinemas across 15 Swedish Cities

20 April, 2015

After a successful tour in film festivals around the world, and in theatres across Egypt and the Arab world, Factory Girl will release in Sweden on Friday, April 24, 2015. The film will be screened in 15 cities, through Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS)...........

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Indiewire Praises Factory Girl's Burgeoning Success in Film Festivals Worldwide

7 April, 2015

On her blog featured on Indiewire, Film Critic Sydney Levine dedicated an article heralding Mohamed Khan's award-winning Factory Girl where she traced all the great success the film achieved on international platforms back to...........

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Yasmin Raeis Receives a Special Mention from the International Oriental Film Festival in Geneva

31 March, 2015

After a successful tour across 18 international film festivals, Yasmin Raeis keeps stealing the limelight by adding a total of 6 awards to her record...........

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Yasmin Raeis Lands Her 5th Win for Her Role in Factory Girl

25 March, 2015

The romance experienced and lived by poor Hiyam continues its award-winning tour, dazzling audience and critics alike worldwide. This time Hiyam found her way to success through an..........

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Factory Girl Wraps up a Prosperous Year following Its Cinematic Release across the Arab World

22 March, 2015

A year has passed since its theatrical release in the Arab world and Factory Girl continues its burgeoning success, carrying forward with non-stop lucrative festival tours ...........

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Salwa Mohamed Ali Receives the Artistic Creativity Certificate at the Egyptian Catholic Centre Cinema Festival

7 March, 2015

For her outstanding performance in Factory Girl, actress Salwa Mohamed Ali has received a certificate of Artistic Creativity at the 63rd Egyptian Catholic Centre Cinema Festival.........

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Factory Girl Wins 6 Major Awards at the Egyptian Film Association Festival

8 February, 2015

Continuing to scoop awards and accolades from regional and global film festivals, adding the total of 15 awards to its record, Factory Girl swept 6 awards from the 41st Egyptian Film Association Festival.........

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Factory Girl Receives First Theatrical Release Outside of the Arab World in Sweden

6 February, 2015

In a fresh breakthrough for Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl across film festivals worldwide, Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS), a distribution arm under the umbrella of Malmo Arab Film Festival.........

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Factory Girl Screens at The Scene Club in the UAE

26 January, 2015

Returning to the UAE, the place that hosted its world premiere a year ago, Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl will screen today and tomorrow on the 26th and 27th of January, 2015, at The Scene Club in Dubai........

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Factory Girl Sweeps the 4 Major Awards at the 18th Egyptian National Film Festival

14 December, 2014:

A year has passed since its premiere and Factory Girl continues its successful marches at regional and international film festivals. The film ended 2014 with receiving 4 awards at the 18th Egyptian National Film Festival..........

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Producer Mohamed Samir and Actress Yasmin Raeis Attend the Screening of Factory Girl at Carthage Film Festival

27 November, 2014

Nearly after a year since its world premiere, Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl continues its success in international film events, earning more accolades and gaining high critical acclaim........

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Factory Girl to Represent Egypt as the Best Foreign Language Film in the Academy Awards

1 October, 2014

Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl continues its lucrative triumphs on various levels; as it has been selected by the Egyptian Film Syndicate to represent Egypt as the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards ceremony (Oscars)........

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Factory Girl Tours in 7 International Film Festivals

4 September, 2014

Following its successful marches in theatres across the Arab world, in addition to its exultant triumphs in several prestigious international film festivals, Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl tours 7 highly-acclaimed film festivals.......

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Factory Girl Receives a Special Jury Prize at MEDFilm Festival in Italy

17 July, 2014

Factory Girl by Egyptian prolific director Mohamed Khan received the Special Jury Prize at MEDFilm Festival in Rome, Italy, which ran from July 4-11, 2014.......

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Factory Girl Takes Part in Four Film Festivals across the World

16 June, 2014

Following its successful marches in Egyptian theaters and 6 Arab countries, in addition to Ramallah, Palestinian territories, Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl takes part in 4 film festivals across the world during the upcoming two months including Shanghai International Film Festival, which launched June the 14th, 2014

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Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl Released in Lebanon

24 April, 2014

Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl was released today in Lebanon, showing exclusively in Metropolis Empire Sofil. The release comes a week after the premiere of the film was held in the Beirut based theatre with the attendance of Mohamed Khan and Mohamed Samir, the film's producer.

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Factory Girl Garners 1.5 Million EGP in Egypt and the Arab World

10 April, 2014

Three weeks following its release in Egyptian theatres, Factory Girl successfully hits its first 1 million EGP in Egyptian box office. According to the latest numbers issued by Factory Girl's distributor regionally and domestically and marketing consultant, MAD Solutions

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Factory Girl Revenues Increase by 33% in Its Second Week in Egyptian Theatres

3 April, 2014

As per the latest press releases issued by MAD Solutions, the company serving as Factory Girl's distributor regionally and globally, Factory Girl by renowned Director Mohamed Khan continues its successful march in the Egyptian theatres reaping more than LE 400,000 in its second week

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Factory Girl Records Its First Million in Less than Two Weeks

1 April, 2014

With unprecedented increase in 19 screens across the Egyptian theatres, Factory Girl's revenues increased by 48% in the first four days of its second week of screening with 290,000 pounds, compared to the first four days of its first week

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Factory Girl Scores the Second Highest Record for 2014 in Egypt

26 March, 2014

Following a week from its release in Egyptian theatres, MAD Solutions, the film's distributor regionally and globally, revealed the opening week's earnings of Mohamed Khan's new feature Factory Girl.

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ElCinema.com Serves as Factory Girl's Online Sponsor

24 March, 2014:

MAD Solutions, the company serving as Factory Girl's distributor regionally and globally, made an agreement with ElCinema.com to be the online sponsor....

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Al Youm7 Media Sponsors Factory Girl

24 March, 2014:

MAD Solutions, the company serving as Factory Girl's distributor regionally and globally, has signed the deal with Al Youm7 daily newspaper making it the film's media sponsor.

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Bassem Youssef Fails in Playing the Factory Boy and a Video for Yasmin Raeis Screens for the First time on TV

22 March, 2014:

In his show's fixed segment where he hosts people with positive achievements in Egyptian society and art, Satirist Bassem Youssef hosted Factory Girl's makers in his successful show Elbernameg.

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Factory Girl's Trailer on YouTube Hits nearly 100.000 Views in 5 Days Only

20 March 2014:

Only a few days following its release in Egyptian theaters, Factory Girl's trailer on YouTube reached around 100.000 views in five days only after it was uploaded on the world's most renowned video-sharing website

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Celebrities and Prominent Media Figures Fete the Premiere of Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl

16 March, 2014:

DayDream Art Production, the producer of the film, and MAD Solutions, the distributor of the film, held the premiere of Mohamed Khan's new feature Factory Girl yesterday, Saturday, March 16th, 2014

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Factory Girl Gets Warm Welcome in Its Press and Media Screening

12 March, 2014:

Eight days before its release in Egyptian theatres, MAD Solutions, the film's distributor, held Factory Girl's press and media screening yesterday, Tuesday, March 11th, 2014.

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A Warm Welcome to Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl from Luxor Audience

24 January, 2014

A huge applause lasted for several minutes after the end of Factory Girl's first screening in Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival. The film had its Egyptian premiere on Thursday night January 23rd, 2014 in Luxor, following its world premiere at the 10th Dubai International Film Festival in 2013

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Factory Girl Wins Best Actress for Yasmine Raies and the FIPRESCI Awards in Dubai International Film Festival

14 December, 2013

Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl garnered the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Award for Arab Feature Films, and received the Best Actress award for Yasmin Raeis, who plays the leading role, after participating in the Muhr Arab Feature Competition within the framework

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DayDream Art Production Launches the First Official Trailer and Poster for Factory Girl

07 DEC 2013

DayDream Art Production has released the official poster for Mohamed Khan's long-awaited feature Factory Girl, which carries the face of the film's heroine (Yasmin Raeis). In addition, the production house has also launched the first official trailer of the film.

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Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl: Coming Soon to a Heart Near You

16 DEC 2013

Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Khan is an undisputed legend of Arab cinema. Three of his films have been counted as part of the "100 Best Arab Films" of all times by the Dubai International Film Festival, in their newly published comprehensive book list titled Cinema of Passion.

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Factory Girl

7 DEC 2013

Dir: Mohamed Khan. Egypt-UAE. 2013. 92mins

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Boy meets girl and the state of the nation

10 DEC 2013

DUBAI: When your country’s been racked by political turmoil, simmering security unrest and looming economic disaster for over two years, the cheapest way to escape is to watch an old movie. It’s useful to keep this facet of popular cinema in mind when scrutinizing “The Factory Girl,” the new feature of veteran Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Khan.

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